Management Principles

Management Principles

  1. Voluntary social service through company business
    Contribute broadly to the enhancement of social culture and welfare in good faith.
  2. Secure reasonable profits
    Ensure mutual prosperity with trading partners and other collaborators through corporate safety and development.
  3. Enhance employees’ welfare
    Strive to enhance employees’ capability development and social welfare, harmonizing company development with the happiness of each individual employee.


Daizo Tanaka
Opening up business frontiers under
our slogan Challenge and Innovate.

Daichu Corporation was born in 1947 as a trading company handling coal products. Subsequently, we began selling oil products as the energy revolution took place. As we build ties of trust by providing a stable product supply, we have been steadily expanding our fields of business to include such activities as the supply of raw materials and resources as well as selling client companies’ products. Our materials business-which handles raw materials, fuels, and steel materials-continues even today to evolve as our company’s core business.
Furthermore, we have not stopped at our existing business fields, but have continued to challenge and innovate. Accordingly, our development and expansion in environment-related business fields utilizing know-how and relationships of trust that we have cultivated over the years are growing into a new pillar within our recent 20-year history. In contrast, our steel materials business has been pioneering business relationships with China for more than 20 years, promoting trade in raw and other materials through our local offices, and in our electrodes business, we are going all-out in importing Chinese products that are competitive in terms of quality and price and exporting these to a third country. In addition to expanding our activities in these business fields, we are also endeavoring to form a group comprising specialized affiliated companies and to strengthen ties amongst group members.
Today, as the industrial structure continues to undergo tremendous change, trading companies are being required to perform new functions and fulfill new roles. I believe that it is the mission of trading companies to adapt to the changing times and pursue high added value for existing business fields while at the same time building new business models and providing customers with innovative solutions. To do this, we need to collaborate with a wide range of business partners to create a network brimming with diverse possibilities and coordinate our business activities so that each partner can reap benefits. Our business activities in the fields of steel materials, secondary materials, environmental recycling, and biomass fuels are true realizations of the fruits of such collaborations, and our free position-unique to an independent trading company-is being used to great advantage.
To enable Daichu Corporation to continue to provide reliability and value to a wide range of industries, we will continue to always strive to challenge and innovate.

President Daichu Corporation
Daizo Tanaka